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Midwest Tool and Cutlery manufactures the highest quality snips hand tools on the market today. The blade life and cutting performance of Midwest Snips® aviation and tinner snip models is lab and field test proven to exceed that of all other snips manufacturers. Midwest Snips blades are stronger, more durable, and outlast all others in cutting edge life because they are formed from a hot drop-forging process and not stamped or cast. Cutting performance is superior because Midwest Snips blades require the least amount of user hand pressure to complete a cut and blades stay in adjustment longer than those of any other snip manufacturer.


Most Popular Snips


Cuts straight and tight left curves. Easiest used in right hand. Bottom blade serrated.


Cuts straight and wide curves to the left and right. Use in either hand. Serrated blades.


Cuts straight and tight right curves. Easiest used in left hand. Bottom blade serrated.

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“I have been in the steel stud framing business since the mid-80’s. I have in that time tried just about every type and brand of aviation cutter on the market and find your offset snip model P6510L to be hands down the most efficient and easiest to use.”

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Ronald R – UBC Instructor