Midwest Snips Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the fast response and shipping. I love these products and will be buying more in the future, especially when a company stands by the products they sell. Also, thank you for the catalog. I will be using it hopefully in the near future. Once again thank you!”


Ontario, Canada

“I have been in the steel stud framing business since the mid-80’s. I have in that time tried just about every type and brand of aviation cutter on the market and find your offset snip model P6510L to be hands down the most efficient and easiest to use.”

Ronald R

UBC Instructor

“I use my snips every day. It’s nice to know that Midwest stands behind their tools.”

Jason D.

Palmyra, NY
“I’ve been using Midwest aviation snips for the last six years and after twenty years in the metal roofing industry, I can state that they are the best snips I have ever used.”

Dave S.

Perth, Australia

“Your model P6300 cable snip is tops!!!”

Douglas Rogers

“I just wanted to say that you make a great product! I have been using your offset snips as well as other products for years. My red offset snips are always up to the challenge and are very dependable.”

Price R.

Semmes, AL
“These snips (P6900) make my home furnace duct installation much easier. I needed to cut 6″ diameter holes in the top of an existing duct. There was limited space available; however, I was able to cut complete circles with little effort as opposed to doing the same job with straight cut snips. Congratulations on manufacturing high quality tools.”

Michael C.

Three Rivers, MI
“Great snips…they cut better and last longer. The Uprights were a lifesaver yesterday, cutting through some soffit material under a fireplace chase with about 10″ of clearance. Thanks for a well made tool.”

Gunnar W.

Ada, MI
“You make an outstanding product. I’ve tried Wiss, Prosnips and Malco and so far your snips have gone the distance. Thank you from a sheetmetal mechanic with 21 years in the business.”

Brian C.

Uniontown, PA
“First off, I’d like to say I love your tinner snips. Your snips are the only ones I will use.”

Mike T.

Ecorse, MI
“You guys have killer tin snips. Guaranteed. I bought a pair of red handled and used them and I am absolutely impressed. I don’t even know where you’ve been all my life. Never even heard of you before. I’m thinking ‘Dude, I’m blown away.’ I mean, you put Wiss and the rest of these buckoos right to shame. They ought to just close up their business. Keep up the good work. You’ll always have my business and everybody I know, I’ll guarantee.”

Dixon K.

Twin Falls, ID
“Thank you for not manufacturing your products overseas. I love seeing things that are made here. I believe it does make a difference and I buy American made every chance I get. Thanks again!”

Jill G.

Granite City, IL
“I received the snips today and are working fine. Good to see a company that backs their products.”

Mike C.

E. Hampton, NY
“Thank you for your help. I have been a long time customer of Midwest products ever since I started in the sheet metal industry almost twenty years ago. Midwest provides a great product and I gladly recommend them to other guys on job sites.”

Anthony B.

“Great snips that you make–3 cheers for products made in the USA.”

Owen M.

South Slocan, B.C.
“I just want to say thank you very much. I got my snips in the mail and I couldn’t be happier. I was shocked this was taken care of so fast and no hassle some companies want you to jump through hoops to get things done. I have to say Midwest is still #1 with me.”

Jason D.

“I am a union sheet metal worker at one of the larger shops in Indianapolis IN. I love your snips!”

Jim J.

Indianapolis, IN
“I have worked HVAC for over 20 yrs. I used your snips from the begining so I don’t have to tell you how good your sheet metal tools work. Very nice.”

Brian L.

Fall River, MA
“I purchased a pair of the Knifti-Cut shears. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the fine detailed cuts these little shears provided. The icing on the cake was the fact that they are made in the USA. Now, after all these weeks, and many other uses besides the hobby side of it, these little shears are still as sharp as the day I bought them. Thank you for providing a well made, USA made product.”

Patrick Y.

Beloit, WI
“Have been using your snips all year and have become an evangelist for Midwest brand aviation snips. They are higher quality and better performing than Wiss snips and are made in USA. Keep up the good work fellows and ladies!”

Eric O.

San Francisco, CA
“I just did a series of custom gutter straps that were all hand cut. To compare I used left offset snips from Midwest, Klenk, Malco, Irwin (both old and new styles), Bessey and Diamond. The Malco were ok, but the Midwest smoked all the others. More comfortable to use, able to cut the tight radiuses easier. No comparison.”

Stuart Scheu

President, Architectural Construction Services, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
“I’ve been in the HVAC business for almost twenty years and I’m proud to say your offset snips are designed second to none. And still made in the USA. Thanks for keepin it real.”

Ryan H.

Waterloo, IA
“Thank you for still making something in the USA. My old 13 inch snips (USA made) are wearing out. The Weiss (cooper) that I got from the local hardware are made in China. Of course they don’t cut . I had to return them. I thought I was out of luck. The person where they were returned suggested trying Sears. I thought it was a long shot to try to get cutters made in this country but I gave it a try and was astonished to find these snips manufactured here. Thank you from the consumer and thank you for the jobs for the American workers. I hope others will follow your lead and do what is right for this country and our people. This country is a mere shadow of what it once was and without people like you even the image would no longer exist. May others follow and people start buying only USA made again. My cutters mean so much to me. thank you, thank you, thank you. p.s. Did I say thanks?”

Gary H.

Santa Rose, CA
“I have been a residential and commercial tinner for 13 Years. I have used numerous brands of snips on the market Lennox, Wiss, Malco,and plenty of others. None of them compared to midwest. Recently I had the idea to have a pair of red aviator snips tattooed to my right back calf and a pair of green aviator snips on my left back calf. I was just wondering if I needed permission to have the brand name tattooed on me. It will be great advertisement.”

Waylon H.

Amarillo, TX
“Love your tools!”

Edward W.

Edmonton, AB
“I have a pair of p6510-L snips. It is the best pair of snips I have owned.”

James M.

Stanford, KY
“I have been the sheet metal instructor at delcastle technical high school for the past two years.I left a very successful career in industry to have an opportunity to give back my knowledge and learned skills. One item I introduced to the sophmores, juniors and seniors I instruct was your Midwest offset snips. Prior to that they had only seen Klenk or Raptor products. I have a large inventory of Klenks from previous instructors but my students prefer the Midwest as do I. I credit this as to one of the reasons we have had back to back National Gold medal winners at skills usa in sheet metal. A senior boy took gold last year and a Junior girl dominated the event this year. Just thought you might want to know that Midwest aviation snips are the preferred snips of the Sheet Metal National champions at Skills USA.”

John F.

Wilmington, DE
“So nice to find a company that is customer friendly and stands behind it’s products.”

Bob D.

Coral Springs, FL
“I know this is a tad random, but I’ve been sending out emails to various companies who still made their products right here in the United States. I’d like to personally (though it may not mean much) thank you for continuing to produce quality tools and products here. I was disappointed to find many Craftsman tools at the local Sears are now made in China. But that one aisle in the store, on the back end near the sockets, has continually stocked Midwest snips ever since I first walked into that Sears many years ago, and although I am not involved with their production, I am proud to buy and use those very snips. They have not disappointed me one bit. Once again, a big THANK YOU from an American who likes good tools 🙂”

Michael R.


Bob C.

“Just a quick note of thanks for your prompt attention to my warranty return. You folks not only make great products you back them up. Companies like yours are rare these days! Keep up the great work! Again thank you and God Bless America!”

Daniel P.

“Midwest makes the best and is only topped by your customer service.”

Stephen H.

Florence, MA
“Such good tools and nice service too! I’m impressed.”

Vic N.

Northport, NY
“About a year ago I purchased one pair of P6510L and one pair of 6510R snips from our local Sears store. I had tried various brands in the past that were supposed to be “the best”. Needless to say none of them were and usually got tossed aside very quickly. I fabricate custom cars and do a great deal of metalwork. I became accustomed to other methods of making odd cuts simply because I could never find snips that would do the job. I work with mostly 18gauge sheet metal. After I bought your shears, I put them to use immediately, and I could not believe how easily they cut the sheet metal. I thought, yeah this probably won’t last long. Not so! I am so impressed with how well they are holding their edge. Combine that with the fact that they are made right here in the good ol USA, I felt compelled to send this message to you. Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great product.”

Ron Owens

Ron's Motorworks in Bernie, MO
“We have used your snips for years, and is the only kind most of our sheet metal mechanics will buy. I was on your website looking around and discovered that your company is in Sturgis. Our company is in Grand Rapids and we have just completed the re-creation of the historic sheet metal facade of the Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater, MI. Small world. Anyway, I thought you would be interested. You can say that your snips built the facade!”

Brian Black

Grand River Builders in Grand Rapids, MI
“Hi, My name is Jordan Kalinowski, and I run a sheet metal fabrication business out of my home shop. I wanted to tell you guys a story, if you have time. see, I started out doing motorcycle parts… gas tanks and such. But as a 23 year old, It’s hard to get old school bikers to take you serious, no matter how well you run an English wheel or how nice your welds are. So, for a while, I would just mess around and make small stuff for myself and MY bike. Then, tragedy struck, and I lost my grandfather. He was a great man, and taught me a lot about sheet metal work and fabrication. But beyond that, and most importantly, he taught me work ethic and efficiency, always stressing the fact that buying cheap tools just robs yourself. Needless to say, I was devastated. After about a year, my mother approached me, requesting that I make a Shepard’s hook for his grave to hang flowers on. I agreed, but told her that there was no way I was just going to roll a hook and call it a day. If I’m doing this, I’m doing it right. so i decided on a piece of art, rather than scrap crap. The idea was make a standard hook, then wrap a “vine” around it with 3 flowers… a rose bud, semi-open, and fully bloomed rose (to signify growth through life), then a butterfly perched atop the hook (symbolic of the departure of the spirit and freedom). never having made a rose before, I ended up using every trick I had learned… stretching, shrinking, hammer on dolly, hammer off… the shaping was great. the issue was cutting. I was using my old Wiss aviation snips, and they had seen better days. But i still continued on, cutting, sanding the edges, hammer forming, and welding. I posted pictures of my progress on my Facebook wall to share with my mother as i went, when suddenly I started getting a lot more messages and notifications. And I mean A LOT. People loved my roses, they blew away every bike part that I had ever made PUT TOGETHER in popularity. Seeing a golden opportunity, I began to offer my roses for sale. Finally, My old Wiss snips failed me on my day off of work. So off to the local Home Depot I went. And while there, I saw a pair of Midwest Snips on clearance. The price was right, so I had no choice but to give them a shot. And I’ll be honest with you, as soon as the blades hit the steel I was in love. Beautiful cuts, incredibly easy to control, and… best of all… the cuts were so clean that I had no reason to clean them up! Since then, I use nothing but your snips in my shop, and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon. That being said, I post a good amount of pictures online of me working on my projects, and your snips almost always end up in the background. Soon I will be doing videos, How-to’s and reviews, and I would love to review your product. I want to thank you for putting out an amazing product. So Thank you."

Jordan Kalinowski

Kern Creations, Amsterdam, NY
“Thank you so much for the fast response and shipping. I love these products and will be buying more in the future, especially when a company stands by the products they sell. Also, thank you for the catalog. I will be using it hopefully in the near future. Once again thank you!”


Ontario, Canada
“Hello, I’m a huge fan of your tools and was just wondering if you offer stickers with your logo at all? I’d love to show my support! Please let me know & keep up the good work! Thanks again."

Don M.

Troy, MI
“I purchased a pair of the left offset aviation snips approximately 2 years ago. I can honestly say that I have come to rely on this tool as the best pair of snips I have ever owned. I use them primarily for cutting .18 steel resilient channel.”

Sean G.

Logan, UT
“I sell Midwest snipes all day and I love them. Any customer that asks for snips I automatically show them the Midwest ones we carry. I love mine so I make sure other people know it. Thanks Midwest for making an awesome product.”

Tater T.

Bartlett, TN
“Hi, I just purchased a pair of MW-P6716AS. I am very impressed and very pleased with my purchase. These cutters are awesome and I will be buying more of your snips in the future. I am also very pleased to see that they are proudly made in the USA. Please don’t ever change that. It’s getting harder and harder to find American made tools and that is important to me. Thank You. I was wondering if you had any decals that I could put on my toolboxes and trucks or banners to hang in my shop. Thank You.”

Shaun G.

Mt. Joy, PA
“I do a bit of sheetmetal fab work in the bodyshop and your selection of snips has never let me down. They are great and I want others to know I still use my hands to do the tough stuff!”

Leo P.

Claremont, CA
“First and foremost I would like to thank you for making a quality product in the USA. That means a lot to many people. I’m a big fan of your products and really put my aviation snips to work.”

Jesse P.

Hopkins, MI
“Thank you for making quality American made tools and products. I try to buy American made tools and products as much as possible. These days it’s getting harder and harder.”

Barry K.

New Berlin, PA
“I’m a big fan of companies like yours that back up what you do. Thanks so much! Dan”

Dan D.

Hayward, CA
“Just to let you know, my customers love the trim nail driver you sell. Had a guy come in and just grab everyone off the rack I had for his crew. I had other trim nail drivers on the shelf, and contractors will leave them there to go search out yours.”

Todd Kilpatrick

Richard's Building Supply, Columbus, OH
“It was a pleasure dealing with Midwest Snips. The first end cap crimper I purchased was not what I needed. The second one that you sent works fantastic. It is great dealing with a company, especially on line, and over the phone, that really does care about the customer. The next time I buy a tool on line – you can be sure I will come to your company first!”

Gene M.

Horseheads, NY
“I am writing to you to say I am a huge fan of your products. I will never buy another brand, I’m hooked! Keep up the great work!”

Rachel W.

Lancaster, PA