Supporting Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades: Apprenticeship

With the increasingly sophisticated technology involved in HVAC and other skilled trades, those involved in these various professions have a lot to keep up with and plenty to learn before they reach the status of a certified expert.

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Skilled Trades: Education

The time has definitely come to take a hard look our educational priorities in America. Why? Because while high unemployment continues to be a drag on the economy, the U.S. Department of Labor has also told us that there are three million job openings available, many of them in skilled trades.

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Skilled Trades: Pride of Trade

Midwest Tools is proud to be associated with those working in the skilled trades and we heartily support “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe’s “Discover Your Skills” campaign to close the skills gap and help the country reconnect with one of the most important segments of our work force. The video below is designed to complement this campaign to raise awareness of career opportunities and highlight the importance of training workers to fill critical jobs in the trades.

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