No more struggling

Engineered for tradespeople

Midwest Tool FastDrive Pro Screws are a game-changer for professionals. The unique combination of a Twin lead thread design combined with To-the-Tip threads and the extended tapered tip facilitates fast and efficient driving. The Patent Pending S2 Combo-Hex Head allows the installer to choose between using a standard hex head bit or the sure grip of an S2 Square-Drive bit to reach and fit into tight environments. The hex head has a recessed washer face, providing a flush seating surface for a clean finish and stability. The screws are zinc-plated, providing corrosion resistance for durability and longevity. No more struggling!

  • To-the-Tip Threads: Threads extend all the way to the tip for a quick-start and secure fastening.

  • Extended Tapered Tip: Allows for quick-start penetration.

  • Fast Drive: The combination of To-the-Tip threads and tapered tip enables fast and efficient driving.

  • S2 Combo-Hex Head: The S2 Square-Drive Hex Head enables easy installation and removal in confined or hard-to-reach spaces, enhancing versatility.

  • Deep Hex Design: Ensures a robust connection with the hex driver bit, minimizing slipping during installation.

  • Recessed Washer-Face Hex Head: Provides a flush surface for a clean finish and enhanced stability.

  • Precision Fastening: Engineered for accuracy and consistency in fastening, providing a reliable solution for various projects.

  • Zinc Plated Finish: Corrosion-resistant zinc plating enhances durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.