• Includes a 3/4” (for 1/2” threaded rod) & a 9/16” (made for 3/8” threaded rod)
• Run nuts up 3/8” threaded rod quickly
• Maintain three points of contact while on a ladder
• Easily tighten nuts together
• Save time and your sanity


MIDWEST®’s gravity-defying GRVTY™-WRENCH is the quicker way to run nuts up a threaded rod. Time studies have shown 27%-to-30%-time savings per foot. If you are hanging ductwork, pipe, conduit, or strut all day, your fingers and your sanity get tired. The GRVTY™-WRENCH makes this mundane task easier and faster. This set includes a 3/4” (for 1/2” threaded rod) & a 9/16” (made for 3/8” threaded rod). Made in USA!

The GRVTY-WRENCH is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. In the event of a manufacturing defect causing breakage, simply return the tool to Midwest Tool for evaluation. Midwest Tool will inspect the tool to confirm whether the warranty applies. Note that this warranty does not extend to damage resulting from misuse or abuse. The GRVTY-WRENCH is designed for swiftly installing nuts onto threaded rods and lightly tightening them, the GRVTY-WRENCH is not intended for regular use as a forged steel wrench. Over-tightening may lead to breakage of the aluminum construction, which is not covered under this limited lifetime warranty.

Always inspect the tool before use. If it has cracks or dents, discard the tool to avoid an accident. Safety is a priority!

Always wear safety goggles and gloves!