Midwest Snips 3" Hand Seamer


Midwest Snips 3" Hand Seamer


  • Used to bend and form sheet metal
  • Blades are interchangeable
  • 1/4" sight graduations for easy alignment
  • 3" x 1-1/4" forged blade
  • Compound handle multiplies hand force for ease of use
  • Made in USA



MIDWEST ® 3″ Interchangeable Blade Straight Handle Seamers feature 3″ X 1-1/4″ forged blades with 1/4″ sight graduations are commonly used by sheet metal and HVAC/R technicians to bend and form cold rolled and stainless steel, as well as galvanized, copper and aluminum. MIDWEST ® Interchangeable Blade system allows for other length blades to be installed ( 3″ & 6″ forged blades / 5″, 9″, and 15″ aluminum blades). Equipped with KUSH’N-POWER ® compound leverage handle action with patented (US D718,602, D719,808) handle grip design multiplies handle force while providing a soft, sturdy and comfortable grip. Made in the USA!


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