Midwest Snips Hard Wire Rope Cutter


Midwest Snips Hard Wire Rope Cutter

UPC: 7 27226 13097 6

  • Multi-function cable/wire cutter
  • Hot drop forged cutting jaws provide long lasting sharpness
  • Cuts wire rope, cable, spring hardened wire and mild steel rod
  • Compound handle multiplies hand force for ease of use
  • KUSH'N-POWER® handle grip design
  • Made in USA



MIDWEST ® Cable Cutter features M2 alloy steel blades capable of cutting spring hardened wire to 3/32″(2.4mm), wire rope to 5/32″(4mm), stainless steel wire rope to 1/8″(3.2mm) and mild steel rod to 1/8″(3.2mm) diameter. Cleanly cuts both cable and hard wire. The tool has KUSH’N-POWER ® compound leverage handle action with patented (US D718,602, D719,808) handle grip design which multiplies handle force requiring the least amount of hand force while providing a soft, sturdy, and comfortable grip. Made in the USA!


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