Right Cut Aviation Snip [MWT-6716R]


UPC: 727226130679

  • For making straight and wide right cuts, best used in left hand
  • Finely serrated blades for secure and smooth cuts
  • GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES for long lasting sharpness
  • Cuts up to 18 gauge C.R. Steel
  • KUSH'N-POWER® handle grip design
  • Made in USA



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MIDWEST® Right Cut Aviation Snips are ideal for trimming metal and other sheet materials. Used for cutting straight or wide right curves. Best used in left hand. These snips feature GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES: unequaled strength, longest lasting edge life, and the most precise cutting action. Blades are hot drop forged of molybdenum alloy steel and Austemper® heat-treated to best accept and hold their precision ground cutting edge. Blades cut complete from “pinch of the blades through their points” and pivot on a Grade 8 bolt that is threaded and affixed into the bottom blade keeping blades in precision adjustment, and if ever necessary, allowing them to be readjusted extending peak performance. Equipped with KUSH’N-POWER® compound leverage handle action which multiplies handle force while providing a soft, sturdy and comfortable grip. Made in USA!


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