Special Hardness Offset Right Cut Aviation [MWT-SS6510R]


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MIDWEST® Special Hardness Offset Right Cut Aviation Snips feature blades that are heat treated to Rc60 for cutting Stainless steel, Inconel, Titanium, and other hardened metals with ease. Offset Aviation snips flow material away from blades and position the user’s hand above the material for best maneuverability when making long cuts or tight curves. Easiest used in left hand. These snips feature GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES: unequaled strength, longest lasting edge life, and the most precise cutting action. Blades are hot drop forged of molybdenum alloy steel and Austemper® heat-treated to best accept and hold their precision ground cutting edge. Blades cut complete from “pinch of the blades through their points” and pivot on a Grade 8 bolt that is threaded and affixed into the bottom blade keeping blades in precision adjustment, and if ever necessary, allowing them to be readjusted extending peak performance. Equipped with KUSH’N-POWER® (US D718,602, D719,808) compound leverage handle action which multiplies handle force while providing a soft, sturdy and comfortable grip. Made in USA!